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Hi everyone, my name is James and I’m the founder of this credit repair website, I have been working in the credit repair business and helping people with credit repair since 1992. I have seen a lot of changes in the credit repair industry. When it comes to credit repair I have seen credit bureaus make changes, I’ve seen the federal government make law changes, and I’ve even seen many states make changes that affect credit repair. However, in all of that, in all of those changes with credit repair, the fact still remains, consumers need and want credit repair. The whole goal of is to help consumers with their personal credit repair through:

  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • and Income Generation

There are 3 things that you must realize about credit repair. They are:

  1. Credit repair is not difficult if you know what you’re doing.
  2. Credit repair companies charge a lot of money for something you can do your self for just a little bit of time and work.
  3. It is illegal for credit repair companies to operate. Bill Clinton signed a law called the Credit Repair Organizations Act. This Act of Congress requires that credit repair companies do all of the credit repair work for a consumer, and then, after six months, they can charge you for their work. Additionally some states have strict laws prohibiting or severely restricting credit repair companies.

A good example of a state that restricts credit repair companies is Texas. The state of Texas requires credit repair companies, legally called Credit Service Organizations, to be registered with the State, as well as, supply a $10,000 bond. Notwithstanding what I have just said, there are ways for you to get your credit cleaned, that is, negative items legally removed from your three credit bureau reports.

The answer lies in your knowledge and willingness to do just a little bit of work. So, if credit repair is something you want and you’re ready to get started, come back to this blog often and pay attention to my post. I’m going to supply you with the means, the tools, and the knowledge to do your own credit repair. I’ll be back to post more on how you can get your own credit repair done and save a lot of money.

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James Horan

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